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Sugar Fairy Jewelry

Gold Filled Beaded Bracelet

Gold Filled Beaded Bracelet

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∙ ∙ G O L D ∙ F I L L E D ∙ B E A D E D ∙ B R A C E L E T ∙ ∙


Made with the following:



Large Beads
14K Gold Filled 5mm Round Beads
14K Gold Filled Findings
14K Gold Filled Clasp


Medium Beads
14K Gold Filled 4mm Round Beads
14K Gold Filled Findings
14K Gold Filled Clasp


Small Beads
14K Gold Filled 3mm Round Beads
14K Gold Filled Findings
14K Gold Filled Clasp


∙ ∙ S I Z E ∙ ∙

Available in 1/2 sizes from 5 inches - 9 inches. To determine the correct size, measure the size of your wrist by using a seamstress tape measure. If you don’t have one, then you can measure with a piece yarn or string and then use a ruler to measure it. Round to the nearest half inch so that it can move around. If you want more room, then you can size up as well.


For example: My wrist is 6.5 inches so I add 1/2 inch for some room to move around so I would order 7 inches.


Another example: My wrist is 7.25 inches so I round to the nearest 1/2 inch so I would order 7.5 inches or if I wanted more room, I would order 8 inches.


∙ ∙ B R A C E L E T∙ S I Z I N G ∙ G U I D E ∙ ∙

5" 1-4 years old

5.5" 4-8 years old

6" 8 years +

6.5-9" Adult Sizes


This listing is for one item.





∙ ∙ H O W ∙ T O ∙ O R D E R ∙ ∙

Please select the bead size and length from the drop-down menu. Please select if you would like an inch extender chain from the drop-down menu. The inch extender gives you the flexibility to wear the anklet or bracelet the length you choose and up to an inch longer. (Example: If you order 6 inches with an inch extender, it can be worn from 6-7 inches)


Please visit our FAQs for jewelry care.


∙ ∙ P R O D U C T I O N ∙ T I M E ∙ ∙

All items are made to order and will ship out the next business day.


∙ ∙ S H O P ∙ P O L I C I E S ∙ ∙

Please read our shop policies in the FAQs section for information regarding exchanges, returns, and shipping.


∙ ∙ S O C I A L ∙ M E D I A ∙ ∙





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