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Gold Filled Paperclip Charm Necklace

Gold Filled Paperclip Charm Necklace

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∙ ∙ G O L D ∙ F I L L E D ∙ P A P E R C L I P ∙ C H A R M ∙ N E C K L A C E ∙ ∙

Create your own custom gold filled charm necklace. This necklace is on our gold filled paperclip chain and you choose the amount of charms you want and the order. Perfect to match your style and personality.

Made with the following:

14K Gold Filled Findings

14K Gold Filled Spring Clasp

14K Gold Filled Paperclip Chain

You choose the charms

****4mm Birthstone Color Choices****

January - Red (Garnet)

February - Dark Purple (Amethyst)

March - Light Blue (Aquamarine)

April - Clear Crystal (Diamond)

May - Bright Green (Emerald)

June - Light Purple (Alexandrite)

July - Red (Ruby)

August - Light Green (Peridot)

September - Bright Blue (Sapphire)

October - Pink (Rose Quartz)

November - Champagne (Topaz)

December - Blue (Blue Topaz)


1 - 14K Gold Filled Heart 9mm x 6mm
2 - 14K Gold Filled Puffy Heart 7mm
3 - 14K Gold Filled Daisy 9mm
4 - 14K Gold Filled Clover 8mm
5 - 14K Gold Filled Flower 6mm x 9mm
6 - 14K Gold Filled Starfish 9mm x 7mm
7 - 14K Gold Filled Seashell 9mm x 7mm
8 - 14K Gold Filled Paw Print 8mm
9 - 14K Gold Filled Bow 6mm x 9mm
10 - 14K Gold Filled Letter (you choose the letter) 8mm
11 - 14K Gold Filled Textured Cross 15mm x 8mm
12 - 14K Gold Filled Cross 10mm x 6mm
13 - 14K Gold Filled Scalloped Cross 13mm x 10mm
14 - 14K Gold Filled CZ Cross 6mm
15 - 14K Gold Filled Virgin Mary 13mm x 9mm
16 - 14K Gold Filled Lock 6mm x 5mm
17 - 14K Gold Filled Key 5mm x 11mm
18 - 14K Gold Filled Textured Butterfly 12mm
19 - 14K Gold Filled Sunflower 9mm
20 - 14K Gold Filled CZ Star 7mm x 6mm
21 - 14K Gold Filled Opal 6mm
22 - 14K Gold Filled Horseshoe 10mm
23 - 14K Gold Filled Freshwater Pearl 3.5 - 4mm
24 - 14K Gold Filled Puffy Star 9mm
25 - 14K Gold Filled Star 8mm x 7mm
26 - 14K Gold Filled Moon 8mm x 6mm
27 - 14K Gold Filled Tiny Moon 5mm x 6mm
28 - 14K Gold Filled Butterfly 6mm x 9mm
29 - 14K Gold Filled Wishbone 14mm x 6mm
30 - 14K Gold Filled Cactus 9mm
31 - 14K Gold Filled Italian Horn 15mm

This listing is for one necklace.


∙ ∙ H O W ∙ T O ∙ O R D E R ∙ ∙

1) Select the chain length and how many charms you want on the drop down menu

2) Please select if you would like a 2-inch extender chain. The 2-inch extender gives you the flexibility to wear the necklace the length you choose and up to 2 inches longer. (Example: If you order 16 inches with a 2-inch extender, it can be worn from 16-18 inches).

3) In the notes section, list the charms you want in order from the right side of your neck to the left side. If you choose a letter for a charm, please list the letter you want. If you choose a birthstone for a charm, please list the month that you want.

If you would like a proof of your necklace, please leave your email in the notes section. If a response is not made after 24 hours, your necklace will ship.

Please visit our FAQs for jewelry care.


∙ ∙ P R O D U C T I O N ∙ T I M E ∙ ∙

All items are made to order and will ship out the next business day.


∙ ∙ S H O P ∙ P O L I C I E S ∙ ∙

Please read our shop policies in the FAQs section for information regarding exchanges, returns, and shipping.


∙ ∙ S O C I A L ∙ M E D I A ∙ ∙




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